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  • This weeks 3 specials

    Every week, we’ll create 3 fantastic specials, (in time ‘3’- based on your response will grow), come join us at our 3m long communal table or grab a take out. Like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for weekly updates.

  • Frozen free foods

    Free Food offers 5 original convenient meals and best quality vegan burgers, filled with all natural and distinct flavours prepared with unprocessed whole food ingredients. Free Food is always wheat/gluten free (have you tried our pizza bases?), sugar free and free of any animal derived ingredients (Vegan)

  • Gluten free pizza bases

    Our gluten-free pizza bases are available in store and at various restaurants around Johannesburg.

  • Free Food Burger

    Free Food's Best Quality Vegan Burgers are available in store, and at all great healthstores, watch out for deliciously prepared burgers as a weekly special items too..

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